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Why Earthborn Holistic?


Why Earthborn Holistic?

Know your pet food ingredients.

One of the biggest health advantages for your dog in Earthborn Holistic is the high quality protein content. All ingredients listed on the back of any dog food bag is always listed from highest percentage to lowest in relation to content. So the protein source needs to be the first thing listed on any dog food. Also, just as important is the wording. 'Chicken meal' rather than ‘poultry meal’ is what you are looking for, the ambiguous wording of 'poultry' means the protein could be any kind of poultry available at the time. Earthborn Holistic is a brand you know what you are getting every time, the protein listed is the actual protein your dog will eat , the same every time. The holistic approach also means none of the ingredients will have had any kind of chemical alterations.

Extract from 'The Whole Dog Journal'


Must-Have Ingredients in Dry Dog Food

Make sure your dog’s dry food has the following elements, the hallmarks of a quality product:

1) Superior sources of protein: Look for dry dog foods that contain a lot of animal proteins—either whole, fresh meats or single-source meat meal. For example, you want to see “chicken meal” or “lamb meal” on the label, not “poultry meal” or “meat meal.” A dog food label listing simply “meat” is an example of a low-quality protein source of dubious origin.

2) Whole-meat source as one of the first two ingredients: Better yet: two meat sources among the top three ingredients (say, chicken and chicken meal). Meat, the most natural source of protein for dogs, contains the amino acids most important to canine health. A good mix of meat proteins helps round out a dog food’s amino acid profile.

3) Whole, unprocessed grains, vegetables, and other foods. An unprocessed food for your dog has the best chance of surviving the dog food-making process with its nutrients—vitamins, enzymes, and antioxidants—intact. 

Feeding your dog Earthborn Holistic means smaller meal sizes. Due to the high protein content your dog does not have to eat as much as lower quality foods to absorb the same amount of protein. Having to digest a large amount of food full of ‘fillers’ in low quality dog food can lead to health and bowel issues. Always follow recommended feeding guidelines for your dog.

Earthborn Holistic contains no beef which is one of the highest causes of allergens in dogs.

There are so many health and energy benefits for your dog with Earthborn Holistic. The many customer testimonials speak for themselves.  To hear just a few click video below.

Extract from 'Pet Food Reviews'


Earthborn Holistic make some decent dog foods, and their grain free Primitive Natural is nigh on flawless. Let me explain…

When looking for a quality food the first thing to do is check the ingredients contain a decent source of meat protein. Dogs are essentially carnivores so meat should make up most of their diet.

We find a protein-packed chicken meal as the main ingredient, a great lean meat. Given the high protein content of 38% we can rest assured there’s a very generous quantity of chicken. We also find whitefish meal as the 4th ingredient to further bulk up the meat/fish in the food. This is really good to see.

The main source of carbs comes from potatoes, which is a solid choice. I’d prefer to see the lower GI alternative of sweet potato, but given the carbs are low in this food I don’t see it as a huge issue.

Eggs as the 5th ingredient is good to see. We also have a range of fruits and veggies which are a sign of a quality product.

Taurine is included for a healthy heart, brain, and eyes. It isn’t included in a lot of dog foods, so it’s a bonus seeing it here.

If we look at the guaranteed analysis we find this to be one of the lowest carbohydrate kibbles available on the market. Great stuff.

I’d definitely recommend feeding this food, especially to a younger and more active dog. If you have an older dog or less active dog it may be worth feeding a food without such a high protein level and corresponding price tag.

5 star!

Try the switch today, we are so confident that your dog will not only benefit health wise but also love the taste. Which is why we offer a palatable guarantee, if your dog does not love the taste we will refund you the price you paid * conditions apply see in store for details.

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